Sankrathi @2019

Aspen celebrated Makar Sankranthi with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. Makar Sankranthi is a harvest festival celebrated and is believed traditionally to mark the arrival of spring in India. Our school was decked up with kites of vibrant and glittering colours. A clay pot was decorated and surrounded by painted rangoli and sugarcanes.
Children were narrated the significance of the festival and how it is celebrated in various states of India.

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Community Helpers

Children came dressed in community helper's attire to express their gratitude towards all the helpers of the community. This is one of the most wonderful theme and it's for the good reason too. Children love to dress up and do what they see adults do. Some children...

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Presentation on Solar System

Our Mont 3 kids gave presentation on their very first project ‘Solar System’ today. This was assigned for Christmas vacation and they all amazed us with their wonderful models. Great efforts by their parents as well.. it was so evident that each kid was involved in...

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Christmas @2018's the season of joy, love and sharing ... Christmas spirit engulfs the entire world...Our little Aspenites too celebrated Christmas with great fervor and enthusiasm. The entire premises had a festive look with bells, stars, reindeers, balloons and many more...

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